• The optimization of cost maintenance of IT infrastructure and its development

  • High level of availability of it infrastructure services,

  • Flexible balance between CAPEX and OPEX

Customers benefits

Flexible management of project resources.
Cost prediction and reduction.
Access to a wide range of specialists without recruitment process.
No additional cost for training and certificates for project staff CAPEX/OPEX balance.

  • Outsourcing of IT projects Open or Close

    Our company provides comprehensive projects outsourcing services. We deliver complex or partly IT projects realizations. Our customers are IT companies which use external resources or end-user enterprise customers which optimizing costs of internal IT project by using subcontractors.
    We specialize in the delivery team of consultants in the following areas:

    • Project planning
    • Project optimization
    • Project management
    • Analysis
    • Application development
    • Project implementation
    • Risk managemen
    • Costs management
    • Maintenance

    We cooperate with our customers in two business models:
    Time and Material ? we recruit an deliver to our customers the team of profiled specialists. They work in an project team, for specific contract periods. The specialists are managed by customers? managers and project leaders. Our fees are based on man-days quotations.
    Fixed Price ? we deliver the project realization according to contracted schedule, price and range.